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We can provide the right combination of technology and expertise to create additional value at your existing plant. Our Pathway technology represents an opportunity for ethanol plants to pursue additional profits from the cellulosic ethanol market with no additional investments.

No Capex. No Waiting. No Hassle.

Pathway is a unique, integrated platform that increases profits by producing cellulosic ethanol from the corn kernel fiber. The key differentiators of utilizing this turnkey solution include:

  • Validation: Edeniq’s EPA approved validation protocol quantifies the cellulosic ethanol gallons produced that qualify for D3 RINs and state advanced fuel incentives with over $2.00 per gallon of combined value in 2018.
  • Compliance: Edeniq has partnered with third-party providers that offer compliance services, including independent engineering reviews, RFS2 EPA pathway registration, QAP Certification, Life Cycle Analysis Modeling, and California’s LCFS pathway registrations.
  • Support: Edeniq offers ongoing support and guarantees that your plant remains in compliance and eligible for generating D3 RINs. These services include data and sample retention and plant recalculation support.

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