Cellunator Operation

Cellunator sets the stage for cellulosic ethanol

The Cellunator delivers a 2 to 4 percent ethanol production improvement and enables ready transition to the full Pathway technology package to cellulosic ethanol production. The Cellunator is a proprietary mixing and milling device that liberates additional starch present in corn. In ethanol production, starch is typically tied up in large particles. The Cellunator reduces corn slurry particles to below 1 mm without creating additional fine particles (< 200 microns). The right-sizing of the particle distribution  allows more surface area for enzymes to interact with, resulting in a greater quantity of sugars that can be converted to ethanol. This improves the efficiency of ethanol production by increasing the ethanol yield. [/av_textblock] [av_textblock ][/av_textblock]