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Processing corn kernel fiber into cellulosic ethanol presents an innovative, profitable, and immediate opportunity for ethanol plants across the country.

Intellulose has been approved by the EPA and CARB, for the national and California state markets respectively, and a number of Edeniq customer ethanol plants have been approved by the EPA to supply cellulosic ethanol gallons to U.S. transportation fuel markets.

With Intellulose, you can claim your own share of the cellulosic market and unlock additional profits. We combine technology and industry expertise to help you get started with cellulosic ethanol production. Our efficient solutions require zero capital investment. 

Why Ethanol Plants Partner with Us

  • We utilize a plant’s existing fermentation and distillation equipment to produce up to 2.5% – or greater – cellulosic ethanol. 
  • We increase a plant’s yearly profits by quantifying the cellulosic ethanol gallons that qualify for D3 RINS and LCFS (Low Carbon Fuel Standard) credits.
  • Our technology implementation is fast and requires limited resources from plant personnel.
Make cellulosic ethanol production your reality, contact us today.